Company Overview

Environmental care is the focus of our attention, there is no planet B

Tadweem is a leading Saudi environmental company, specializing in eco-fashion. Tadweem passionately aims to provide a professional business model in Saudi society and innovative solutions in fashion sustainability. The concept of sustainability has become a global trend, as everyone works and innovates to produce eco-friendly products.

At Tadweem, we take in clothes and textiles that are in good condition and can be sold for re-use. This is an important way to minimize the overall impact that clothing has on our environment. Or items that aren’t suitable to be passed onto someone else can be recycled and made into new items, such as raw materials or other products “padding for chairs and car seats, cleaning cloths and industrial blankets”

Developmental and Societal Goals

Because we are a part of this beloved country, Tadween is playing an important role in improving the quality of the environment in Saudi society. In addition to providing job opportunities for young people, in order to reduce unemployment rate. We don’t stop at these points above, but we also help the companies that are willing to work in the environmental field with our experience, knowledge and technical support. One of our great contributions to this field is “Khairuk initiative”, to promote the concept of sustainable fashion, re-using and recycling old clothes.
Last but not least, we aspire to strongly support and disseminate the sustainable fashion concept in the Middle East “MEA” in the upcoming few years.

Mission and Vision


Provide a waste-free environment is our mission.
Raising awareness and educating people about the destruction of wildlife, and the preservation of the optimum ecosystem. By working with government, private companies and the community. To expand our green strategy all over the Saudi Kingdom.


We aim to be a prominent leading Saudi company in the sustainable fashion field; whose services and expertise extend beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to have more conscious countries and people.

Green revolution is the best solution to arrest pollution

At Tadweem, we believe in working hard to reap the benefits as soon as possible. Few people express a desire for something better, something more environmentally friendly; we need more people to feel compelled to leap into a clean, just, and abundant future. So be a part of the change! If you have any suggestions or questions about how we define sustainability here at Tadweem, ask away. As we said, the concept is evolving, and we’re here to push it along.

Together we make a difference

High Openness to Experience

We've positive and limitless relationships with creativity, intelligence, knowledge, fresh ideas and willingness to embrace new things.

Build Meaningful Partnership

We are keen on building strong bonds with our government, community, success partners, stakeholders, our and customers.

Global Synergies

We keen to realize synergies through knowledge, collaboration and development together as a business, an organization and as individuals.

Environmental Sustainability

We support environmental sustainability by developing sustainable creative ideas and innovative solutions.


We empower people and local business entities to apply the environmental rules, based on their professional insight and knowledge of local conditions.